The New Way Forward

Every Bahamian has a view as to what should happen in The Bahamas. It is seen all the time, whether at family gatherings or meetings; someone will say something about what should happen to fix that problem or this problem. I guess that is the sheer beauty of living in this place we call home. Our views about the future are really glimpses of our individual vision for The Bahamas.

I, too, have some views about what should happen in my country. My vision may be no different from the views and aspirations of many others. I believe though that we have to commit to sharing our visions and talking about them. Achieving consensus and then demanding that the government, the private sector and each of us use an ‘agreed’ blueprint to develop opportunities which will set us on the path to creating a better Bahamas for our children and future generations of Bahamians.

This is my way of getting you to commit to this process. The BLUEPRINT presents my views on how to make The Bahamas a better place for all of us. I am sharing my vision. I see this as a start of a ‘big conversation’, one that will require our passion for our country and our creative energies.

Won’t you share your vision?